Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Weekly Goals

Hi all,

Here we are again with a new weekly goal, this is our third consecutive week. Please refer to our past weekly goals for inspiration here: Week #1 - Week #2

Jenn's Goal: Track, track and track some more! My goal is to be accountable for everything I eat, it will make me more aware of what's being consumed and help me make healthier choices.

Update 1: I am doing really well with tracking, I have even been back tracking when I forgot or get busy. I like seeing and being accountable for all I'm eating, it makes me feel better about my daily food choices.

Summary: I tracked and felt good about it, this week was successful! I did however learn that sometimes I eat way under my caloric allowance, which isn't that great. I need to focus on getting the right foods into my body! 
Steph's Goal: Since last week was not successful I've decided to give it another go! I will be tracking EVERYTHING I eat before I eat it! NO MATTER WHAT! I think now if I find I am not tracking I will be ordering myself to do 25 squats. Win-win!

Update 1: I've been doing extremely well compared to last week. I am actually blowing myself out of the water lol! I've only forgotten to track twice before I ate and both times I realized my mistake within 1 or 2 bites.. let out an "ohhhh sh!t!" and did my squats! Feeling motivated!

Summary: This week was a good one for me! I focused more on noticing my mistakes and correcting them immediately. Yes, I had a few moments where I forgot to track but INSTANTLY realized it and tracked right away. I would consider this week to be a success. :)

Thanks for reading!

Steph & Jenn

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