Thursday, March 6, 2014

What I'm Wearing

Hey all,

Today's look is Victorian Lace by Jamberry Nails.

The above picture was my first time applying nail wraps, not too shabby! ;)

Nail wraps are very new to me, and I'm really loving the different designs you can apply. Application is more lengthily and can be a difficult process, but they do tend to last longer than normal nail polish. When nail wraps start to wear down they don't chip, they start to lift. The lifting isn't obvious either which is really awesome and discrete, unlike unsightly nail polish chips.

I could never get rid of my traditional nail polish, but this is a fun change. I also like having designs that otherwise could not be achieved freehand. Nail wraps are also great for your favourite accent nail.

Nail wraps are more expensive than a bottle of nail polish, and for good reason. Jamberry is not sold in stores, I do however have a connection through family if you are interested in purchasing them.

Thanks for reading! 
- Jenn

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