Monday, April 28, 2014

Review: Stila's One Step Correct

Hey guys!

A few weeks ago I went to Sephora with Jenn in search of a primer that would help me with my redness. I was given a decent sized sample of Stila's One Step Correct (which is actually a serum) and was able to try it out for about two weeks. I ABSOLUTELY loved it! I was lucky enough to receive the full-sized bottle from my mom (and am so happy)!

Let me tell you a bit about this product.  Stila's One Step Correct "triple-swirled helix"serum moisturizes, brightens, corrects, primes and nourishes. It combines 3 colours (peach, lavender and green) which evenly distribute across the skin and really does work instantly. The green tone helps with redness and blemishes. The peach tone brightens, illuminates and helps hide sun spots and the lavender counteracts sallow undertones to give you a more energized look.

When applying this to the skin it feels incredibly soft and so refreshing. I love how this instantly takes away my redness and brightens me up under the eyes as sometimes my lack of sleep can show.

Here is the best way to apply:  Apply a small amount onto the back of your hand, mix together and apply with either your fingers or a brush.

Here are a few benefits of using this product:
  • Improves skin tone/texture and evens out complexion 
  • Creates a great base/primer for foundation (also helps you use less foundation/powder)
  • Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and pores
  • Hydrates and controls oil
The One Step Correct contains Stila's Youth Revival Bio-Available Mineral Complex which is comprised of 15 bio available minerals. This YRBAMC is designed to give you (this is from Stila's own blog):

– youthful looking skin
– radiant finish

– balanced skin

– adapts to your skin type and tone

– multi-use product (layer for more coverage)

– classic clean complexion

I would highly recommend this product and will continue to use! You do not need to use a lot of this product so be careful you are not wasteful. You can purchase Stila's One Step Correct here at Sephora for $47. 

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Weekly Goals

Hey all,

It's weekly goal time again!

Jenn: I completely failed last weeks yoga goal. Noah and I both got really sick with a head cold and we bought a new home. A very busy week for sure! I'm happy to say we are feeling a lot better, just lingering stuffy/runny noses is what we're dealing with now. I am going to keep last weeks goal the same for this week, I will try prenatal yoga and do it 2-3 times.

Update: I tried a short session of yoga and enjoyed it, found it to be very relaxing and the stretches felt refreshing.
Steph:  My goal for the week will be to track everything I eat before eating it. That way I will be more aware of what I am consuming and can make sure I'm staying within my points!

Update: Ugh such a fail! I need motivation!

Thanks for reading!
Steph & Jenn

Monday, April 21, 2014

Review: Trind - Caring Color Nailpolish

A few weeks ago we were contacted by Obsessed Canada and were asked to review the nail polish Trind Caring Color nail polish. Trind nail polish is known to be gentle for your nails and their polishes have been specially developed with ingredients that will strengthen and improve the health of your nails.

You are able to purchase Trind: Caring Colors nail polish through, these polishes ship FREE to anyone in Canada. That is a very nice bonus! Not only are these colours incredibly beautiful but there is a very good selection!

Click here to view,

We both picked a colour that stood out to us, and below you will see our separate reviews and pictures.

Jenn: I picked the colour Light Cyan, and boy am I ever happy I did! This colour is exactly what I thought it would be based on the great pictures provided on the website. However the packaging is even more beautiful in person, I wish all my nail polish bottles looked this luxurious! Application went on streaky but as it dried it evened out and dried quickly and not tacky. I applied three coats and it dried wonderfully and not streaky, I am very impressed with the quality of this polish. I recommend anyone to try this brand, I also love that I have the comfort of knowing it's also good for my nails unlike other brands that actually can hurt your nails and make them weak. I need to mention that I did a lot of dishes (an hour with my hands in the water) at my parents house after Easter dinner and did not wear gloves, my nail polish stayed intact! Yay!

Steph: I've really been drawn to blue lately so I was excited to pick Deep Blue Shimmer. I loved how shimmery it looked and knew it would be a good one to try. I was excited to try both mine and Jenn's colour together as I thought accented each other nicely. I really liked the way this applied! It went on smoothly for me and I only needed 2 coats. I loved the look.. it's sparkles so nicely in the sun and looks nice and dark in not so sunny locations (pictures are out of the sun but in natural lighting). The Light Cyan (I used 3 coats) was a gorgeous colour as well and I have to be honest I liked the look of it sheer! It looked almost blue/purple. Very different. The price is $13 which is more than what I typically would spend but the benefits and elegant bottle/design make it soo worth it. There are a few other colours I want to try and the free shipping is very attractive to me!


Have you tried Trind? What are your thoughts?

Thanks for taking a look at our review. Hope you all have a great day!

Steph & Jenn

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"I am here" Initiative

Hi all,

I wanted to take a moment and share a touching video with you. This video was made by 2 chilean college students who wanted to bring awareness to a major issue. Well.. they did it! Take a look:

As someone who has adopted a dog within the last year it is an incredible feeling to re-home an animal that has been turned away from love, attention and it's basic needs. It's incredible to see them evolve from scared, incredibly over-energetic animals to loving members of the family that complete your life (at least that's how I feel).

Benefits of adopting:

  • You're saving an animals life and giving an unwanted animal a forever home
  • Bring yourself and/or your family joy
  • The money you spend purchasing your pet will go towards the care of other animals
  • Ready for some unconditional love? You'll get a ton after adopting
  • You won't be supporting puppy mills which are where a lot of dogs from pet stores are from
  • You'll receive a healthy pet that is spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccinations

Here are some pics of me and my baby Oscar:

Have you adopted a dog? If so, I'd love to hear your story!

Thinking of adopting? Check out the local SPCA and Humane Society's website.

Not local? There is definitely a spot in your area! Take a look on google.

Hope you all have a wonderful day :)


Weekly Goals

Hey all,

We are back again with our weekly goals to keep us motivated and hopefully help to encourage and motivate you too!

Jenn: I am going to do prenatal yoga and my goal is to do this 2-3 times this week. This is something I have never done before, so I am both excited and a little unsure. I have been so busy with trying to sell our home I have not had any time for me, I'm hoping yoga can be an escape for me. If I make it a goal I will be more likely to push myself to actually try it.

Update: Check back Thursday!
Steph: Hey all! Since I was so motivated last week and succeeded I am going to work on snacking at night. No snacking past 9pm unless it is a 0 pt food!

Update: Started strong but slacked off the last few days. Will continue this goal into the next week.

Thanks for reading!
Steph & Jenn

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Body Shop: Tea Tree Oil Skin Care Line

I’ve been using this line for quite awhile now. I have to admit at first I was a bit hesitant because I was worried it would be too drying for my skin and didn’t really enjoy the smell. After some quick research and grabbing a sample set I realized this was 100% NOT the case.. It isn’t a best seller for no reason ;).

Over the last few years my skin has changed DRASTICALLY. I had/have been experiencing more breakouts/blackheads than I've ever had and had issues with pores which really threw me for a loop. Unfortunately my redness issues weren't helping either. I became uncomfortable in my own skin because I was always used to having “flawless skin”. I decided to try this line because it was not only affordable, but was supposed to do exactly what I wanted it to! I not only love supporting this company because of their top notch company values but because they support Community Fair Trade in quite a few areas (please take less than a minute to read about the Tea Tree Oil from Kenya). I try to buy a lot of my bath and body products from this company for that reason alone and LOVE a lot of their other lines/products.

The tea tree line has a very distinct smell.. at first it is very strong but I have come to find it both soothing, cooling and refreshing. You feel like you get such a deep clean and the results come quickly. When you're working your way through products that just aren't working.. it's a MAJOR relief to finally be able to settle on something you can use year round that isn't going to make a big dent in your bank account. It fought my acne issues and did not dry my skin out one bit.

The only product I did not love was the Skin Clearing Lotion but that is because I have had a very difficult time finding the right moisturizer. I use almost all of the products (listed below) daily except for the wipes and mask. Everything goes a really long way and the toner removes all traces of my makeup. It's also fought my skin issues and did not dry my skin out one bit. Score!!

If you're looking for something to help keep your breakouts under control, prevent blackheads that will also kick oil/shine's butt .. I think you should try these out. If you're looking for a product that will help you for more of a spot treatment for breakouts I HIGHLY recommend using straight Tea Tree Oil.

I have used the following products Tea Tree Products: Tea Tree Oil ($10),  Cleansing Wipes ($12), Face Mask ($15), Skin Clearing Facial Wash ($12 or $5 for mini), Skin Clearing Lotion ($14), Skin Clearing Toner (best I've ever used) ($14) and the Squeaky Clean Scrub ($14) (and the previous version). Products I want to use but have yet to: Blemish gel ($10) (easier to use for spot treatment than the tea tree oil). 

You can check out pricing for other Tea Tree Products here.

Thanks for reading!


Monday, April 7, 2014

We're back! Weekly goals!

Hey all,

After a short break we're back with our weekly goals! Due to sickness, stress and life we've just been so busy! Anyways.. take a look at our goals:

Steph: My goal this week is something I want to start working on for the long term. Since the weather has been crappy I haven't really been able to go out walking or enjoy the weather. Oscar (my dog) also couldn't take being out too long in the cold since he's so tiny. Anyways, my goal will be to get out at least 3 times this week to go for a nice long walk. I want to try to be outdoors as much as possible this summer and take advantage of all the nearby trails, dog parks, etc. 

Update: Success!! I was able to complete my goal even though we had a rainy week and I finished it off with some serious blisters. :( note to self: don't rework your birks back in for the season by walking for 45 mins! 

Jenn: I have been struggling with drinking enough water lately, I also managed to kill my plant on the plant nanny app. So this weeks goal is to bring my plant back to life on the app and drink water like I'm supposed to. 

Update: I had some difficulty getting the recommended water intake on the first day, since then I have been successful. I find that it can be easier if I plan my water, sometimes I forget and then I am stuck drinking a lot at night time to catch up. 

Thanks for reading, and we promise to be back next week!

Steph & Jenn
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