Monday, April 28, 2014

Review: Stila's One Step Correct

Hey guys!

A few weeks ago I went to Sephora with Jenn in search of a primer that would help me with my redness. I was given a decent sized sample of Stila's One Step Correct (which is actually a serum) and was able to try it out for about two weeks. I ABSOLUTELY loved it! I was lucky enough to receive the full-sized bottle from my mom (and am so happy)!

Let me tell you a bit about this product.  Stila's One Step Correct "triple-swirled helix"serum moisturizes, brightens, corrects, primes and nourishes. It combines 3 colours (peach, lavender and green) which evenly distribute across the skin and really does work instantly. The green tone helps with redness and blemishes. The peach tone brightens, illuminates and helps hide sun spots and the lavender counteracts sallow undertones to give you a more energized look.

When applying this to the skin it feels incredibly soft and so refreshing. I love how this instantly takes away my redness and brightens me up under the eyes as sometimes my lack of sleep can show.

Here is the best way to apply:  Apply a small amount onto the back of your hand, mix together and apply with either your fingers or a brush.

Here are a few benefits of using this product:
  • Improves skin tone/texture and evens out complexion 
  • Creates a great base/primer for foundation (also helps you use less foundation/powder)
  • Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and pores
  • Hydrates and controls oil
The One Step Correct contains Stila's Youth Revival Bio-Available Mineral Complex which is comprised of 15 bio available minerals. This YRBAMC is designed to give you (this is from Stila's own blog):

– youthful looking skin
– radiant finish

– balanced skin

– adapts to your skin type and tone

– multi-use product (layer for more coverage)

– classic clean complexion

I would highly recommend this product and will continue to use! You do not need to use a lot of this product so be careful you are not wasteful. You can purchase Stila's One Step Correct here at Sephora for $47. 

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