Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Body Shop: Tea Tree Oil Skin Care Line

I’ve been using this line for quite awhile now. I have to admit at first I was a bit hesitant because I was worried it would be too drying for my skin and didn’t really enjoy the smell. After some quick research and grabbing a sample set I realized this was 100% NOT the case.. It isn’t a best seller for no reason ;).

Over the last few years my skin has changed DRASTICALLY. I had/have been experiencing more breakouts/blackheads than I've ever had and had issues with pores which really threw me for a loop. Unfortunately my redness issues weren't helping either. I became uncomfortable in my own skin because I was always used to having “flawless skin”. I decided to try this line because it was not only affordable, but was supposed to do exactly what I wanted it to! I not only love supporting this company because of their top notch company values but because they support Community Fair Trade in quite a few areas (please take less than a minute to read about the Tea Tree Oil from Kenya). I try to buy a lot of my bath and body products from this company for that reason alone and LOVE a lot of their other lines/products.

The tea tree line has a very distinct smell.. at first it is very strong but I have come to find it both soothing, cooling and refreshing. You feel like you get such a deep clean and the results come quickly. When you're working your way through products that just aren't working.. it's a MAJOR relief to finally be able to settle on something you can use year round that isn't going to make a big dent in your bank account. It fought my acne issues and did not dry my skin out one bit.

The only product I did not love was the Skin Clearing Lotion but that is because I have had a very difficult time finding the right moisturizer. I use almost all of the products (listed below) daily except for the wipes and mask. Everything goes a really long way and the toner removes all traces of my makeup. It's also fought my skin issues and did not dry my skin out one bit. Score!!

If you're looking for something to help keep your breakouts under control, prevent blackheads that will also kick oil/shine's butt .. I think you should try these out. If you're looking for a product that will help you for more of a spot treatment for breakouts I HIGHLY recommend using straight Tea Tree Oil.

I have used the following products Tea Tree Products: Tea Tree Oil ($10),  Cleansing Wipes ($12), Face Mask ($15), Skin Clearing Facial Wash ($12 or $5 for mini), Skin Clearing Lotion ($14), Skin Clearing Toner (best I've ever used) ($14) and the Squeaky Clean Scrub ($14) (and the previous version). Products I want to use but have yet to: Blemish gel ($10) (easier to use for spot treatment than the tea tree oil). 

You can check out pricing for other Tea Tree Products here.

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