Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekly Goals

Hey all,

We are back again with our weekly goals to keep us motivated and hopefully help to encourage and motivate you too!

Jenn: I am going to do prenatal yoga and my goal is to do this 2-3 times this week. This is something I have never done before, so I am both excited and a little unsure. I have been so busy with trying to sell our home I have not had any time for me, I'm hoping yoga can be an escape for me. If I make it a goal I will be more likely to push myself to actually try it.

Update: Check back Thursday!
Steph: Hey all! Since I was so motivated last week and succeeded I am going to work on snacking at night. No snacking past 9pm unless it is a 0 pt food!

Update: Started strong but slacked off the last few days. Will continue this goal into the next week.

Thanks for reading!
Steph & Jenn

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