Monday, April 7, 2014

We're back! Weekly goals!

Hey all,

After a short break we're back with our weekly goals! Due to sickness, stress and life we've just been so busy! Anyways.. take a look at our goals:

Steph: My goal this week is something I want to start working on for the long term. Since the weather has been crappy I haven't really been able to go out walking or enjoy the weather. Oscar (my dog) also couldn't take being out too long in the cold since he's so tiny. Anyways, my goal will be to get out at least 3 times this week to go for a nice long walk. I want to try to be outdoors as much as possible this summer and take advantage of all the nearby trails, dog parks, etc. 

Update: Success!! I was able to complete my goal even though we had a rainy week and I finished it off with some serious blisters. :( note to self: don't rework your birks back in for the season by walking for 45 mins! 

Jenn: I have been struggling with drinking enough water lately, I also managed to kill my plant on the plant nanny app. So this weeks goal is to bring my plant back to life on the app and drink water like I'm supposed to. 

Update: I had some difficulty getting the recommended water intake on the first day, since then I have been successful. I find that it can be easier if I plan my water, sometimes I forget and then I am stuck drinking a lot at night time to catch up. 

Thanks for reading, and we promise to be back next week!

Steph & Jenn

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