Sunday, June 22, 2014

Jenn's Top 5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Hey all,

I've stopped counting calories and instead focus on eating right, this is something I've been doing since I started trying to get pregnant for my second child. I do fall off track every so often and indulge in bad foods from time to time, I have bad weeks.. I am human. Trying to make the right choices is what matters and setting myself up with a plan with proper foods helps tremendously. I've been falling off track, and when I do I get very sluggish and kinda moody. I am a believer that whatever you eat reflects on the outside.

Today I have decided to share some tips with you that help me, maybe they'll help you too. My version of eating clean is choosing the healthiest options and less of the not so healthy ones.

Here are my top 5 healthy tips:
  1. Limit Processed Foods: Living in a world with many processed foods makes it nearly impossible to completely remove from my diet, but limiting them is something I try to do. Reading the back of packaging is helpful, if the list is hard to understand and super long I sometimes avoid it and opt for the home made option. That way I know what ingredients are added. 
  2. Increase Veggie Intake: I am guilty for not eating enough vegetables, and I definitely notice a difference in my system when I don't eat them. Some helpful tips are eating your salad before the rest of your meal, or incorporating vegetables in your breakfast like in an omelet or smoothie.
  3. Cut down on added sugars: Going to admit, I love candy! Cutting back helps me a lot, instead I go for fresh berries and fruit. Natures candy! 
  4. Focus on healthy fats: I like replacing cheese on my salad with nuts or try using avocado instead of mayo, they are both delicious alternatives. Also focus on getting lean meats, and cutting off all fat around the edges (if any) before cooking.
  5. Get Moving: Exercise in my opinion is just as important as eating right, and should be done daily in some shape or form. When I don't exercise I feel more tired than if I had, weird right? No matter how tired I'm feeling even getting in a 15 minute brisk walk makes a big difference in my fatigue and overall mood. 
These are the things I do and try to do daily, writing them down here is a big reminder for me. Hopefully this has also been helpful for you too.

Thanks for reading,
- Jenn


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