Friday, June 6, 2014

Weight Watchers Check in: June 6th

Hey all,

I had a bit of a rough week.. but I'm still down (slightly). Anyways.. lets get right to it!

Weight Change: Lost .4 lbs. Not a lot but it's not a gain!

Highs of the Week:  I've been getting out A LOT more. I have been trail walking, going for longer walks and trying to be outside as much as possible. Probably why I didn't gain this week!

Lows of the Week: Lack of tracking :( 2 weeks in a row! I really need to see improvement in this field. What's the point of being a member of Weight Watchers if I'm not going to follow the plan?

Plans for next week: Starting tomorrow I will be planning my entire day ahead (the night before). If I fail to plan .. I'm planning to fail!

Thanks for reading and thanks for the motivation!


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