Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Weight Watchers Check In: July 30

Hi all,

I'm here to do another quick check in! Sorry it's been so long! 

Weight Change this week : Lost 3.4 lbs. Feeling good!

Highs of the Week:  Since I decided to start Simple Start last week I've been feeling so much better! I am making better choices and have been inspired to discover new and exciting simple start meals. 

Lows of the Week: I've been struggling a bit as I've been in some pain these last few days. I'm pretty sure that I have a ruptured ear drum :(. This has lead to me to want to overeat and eat junk food. I've given in a few times but nothing major. Still losing!

Plans for next week: I'm going to continue on simple start until Monday. I will have two days off where I am going back to point tracking and will pick right back up on the wednesday (6th). 

Thanks for reading!


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