Thursday, April 16, 2015

I'm back!

I'm baaaaaack!

Just imagine me singing that because right now I feel so good I could sing every sentence I speak! I am officially done the winter semester of school and completed my two exams earlier this week. The air has never felt fresher!

Can you tell how happy I am? :P

It was stressful.. starting a new job and going deep in two classes part time for school. That's over now and I am back to posting happy thoughts, positive stories and trying to inspire others! I also have some amazing reviews to share with you and other things to pass on.

Anyways, one thing that happened to me over the past few months is that I've been feeling pretty crappy about myself and my image. I gained back a ton of weight and was only 15 lbs away from my heaviest (ever). I hated the way my body looked and I knew I needed a drastic change because I wasn't going to stand for my negative attitude or my horrible habits anymore.

I decided to start a new type of 30 day challenge. I knew the only thing that would get me back on track was to start tracking again and to actually stick to it but I needed to find a way. I've done it where I've been motivated for two days and then the third is back to crappy eating, not tracking and not making healthy choices whatsoever. I've also set the goal of tracking everything before I eat it but once I missed it 1-2 times the motivation disappeared.

I decided to set a goal to track within 1 hour of eating. That allows me to either pre-track, track while eating or track post meal if I'm in a situation where it's rude to bust your phone out. It's actually working! I feel motivated, I'm spacing out my calories better and making smarter decisions on what to eat and *gasp* I'm actually eating fruits and vegetables again! I'm feeling back to my regular self and within the past week of getting my arse back on track I've lost 10 lbs! The one catch of my challenge is that if I miss tracking by more than an hour I have to start back at day 1. This has kept me on my toes!

Today is day 6 and I'm ready to rumble baby! Facing my challenges head on :).

What is challenging you? Start a challenge and test yourself!

Hope you have an amazing Thursday!


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