Monday, May 18, 2015

Review: Jamberry - Dancing Lilac's

Hey all!

I hope you're having a fantastic long weekend so far! Thankfully the weather is amazing and we can finally start to enjoy consistent warmth!

I wanted to take some time to review a product I'd never think I'd like or even try. Nail wraps! For the first time ever I've tried nail wraps and I'm proud to say no one was killed during the application process :P.

I attended a Jamberry Nail party thrown by Jenn last month and picked up 4 different styles to try. The one I was most excited for was Dancing Lilac's which has a clear background and purple and pink flowers on the tips. I thought application would be hard but it's actually not too bad! It doesn't take that much longer than regular nail polish when you factor in the drying time.

The unique part about this is that you heat the wraps up and they seal onto your nail causing it to be much longer lasting than usual nail wraps.

Have you tried Jamberry? What are your favourite nail wraps?

Thanks for reading!

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