Monday, June 8, 2015

Happy National Best Friend Day!!

Hey all,

Today I'd like to dedicate this blog post to my blogging partner, my partner in crime, my secret agent, my best friend.. Jenn.

I'm not sure if you're aware but today is National Best Friend Day! I am lucky enough to actually have the best friend in the history of the world. Jenn is the only person who knows what to say to cheer me up, make me feel better and can understand exactly how I'm feeling without me needing to say a single word. She truly understands me like no other and I'm not kidding when I say we have our own non-verbal body language. She can read me like a book! We also have our own language thanks to autocomplete!

When I first met Jenn I knew we'd be friends for a long time as we instantly connected. Since that moment we were inseparable. She'd meet me at my locker in the morning, we'd have lunch together every single day and sit outside while tanning our legs, pass insane amounts of notes during classes, have sleepovers every weekend, gossip about boys.. her family was my family... my family was hers. We were as close as two friends could be. Now it's dinner outings, shopping trips and gym dates! Nothing has changed in our friendship though... we're still goofy as hell, have insane amounts of fun while doing nothing and can tell each other every single detail of everything in our lives without fear of judgement or embarrassment. I'm pretty sure Jenn knows every single detail of my life down to the VERY nitty gritty!

Not only is she the best friend on this planet but she has given me the greatest gift of being auntie to two incredible children that I love more than life. She is a fabulous mother and both of her sons are truly amazing :).

We have so many amazing stories and inside jokes it would take me years to tell them all.. our ridiculous web cam times,, ALL OF THE BOYS, busy hands, bonfires, long walks, ramfest, waffles, secret agent stories, staring at the stars, creepy sleepovers, sooo many concerts, singing like maniacs in the car, shopping (sooo much shopping), makeovers.. I could seriously go on for hours.

Thank you Jenn for always being the truest and kindest person I've ever met. Without you in my life I would feel incomplete. Don't ever, ever, ever change because you'd seriously be altering perfection.

I love you so much bestie!! xoxoxo

With waffles and syrup and everything oh my!! Eggo my lego!! (#) (#) (#)

SAFL :)!


Steph :)

P.S I loaf you.

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