Wednesday, July 29, 2015

GIVEAWAY!! Lathered Up All Natural Soap

Hey Folks!

I hope you're having an amazing week so far! If you're in south western Ontario you've probably been feeling the heat and possibly staying indoors!

We're both very excited to announce that we're doing our first giveaway! If you read our review here you'll see that we both love the products and have continued to buy them! We will be giving away products from Lathered Up All Natural Soaps!

You may remember from our previous post that Lathered Up's all natural soaps are:
  • Vegan friendly
  • Hand crafted 
  • Locally made
  • and do not contain Palm Oil

We will be giving away three different soaps and you can see them pictured below. The soaps are:

Take a look at the link below to enter into this giveaway!

Check out the giveaway!

To enter this give away you MUST answer one or all of the following questions in our comments section:

What do you love about natural soaps?

What is your favourite scent of natural soaps?

Tell us what your favourite thing is about our blog.

Once you've commented on the post you have to click on the box above and click "I commented".

If you do not do that last step you do not get entered into the giveaway so please make sure you do so!

Looking forward to your comments!

Jenn & Steph


  1. I love that natural soaps are environmentally conscious, and that they smell amazing!

  2. These soaps seem really cool :)

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  5. I loooove vanilla or fruit flavours. The mango one sounds great! Also, your blog is fun and honest. You go girls!!!

  6. I like natural soap because I have eczema. When I buy natural soap, I know exactly what goes into it and so I don't have foreign chemicals on my skin. I can choose soap with ingredients I can read and understand and know WON'T irritate my skin.


  7. I usually love scents like vanilla, honey, or cinnamon!


  8. I like the motivation/inspiration section of your blog. With so many negative things going on in life, it's nice to have a little boost of positive energy.



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