Friday, July 24, 2015

I rejoined Weight Watchers!

Hey folks!

I have some fun and exciting news! I joined weight watchers on Wednesday. Feeling super motivated and happy about it!  I’m really thinking this will be the change I need to get my arse back on track and start dropping some poundage. 

So what brought me back? On Tuesday my friend Dani messaged me about it asking me if I was still on it and I mentioned I had been thinking about joining it. We decided to do it together and be eachothers support! I'm really ready for this lifestyle change and am seeing some of the changes I initially made the first time doing WW this round as well. My first goal is to lose 27 lbs.

Thanks so much for the push hun! 

So many fun new features and the app is awesome! I’m already down 3 lbs :D!

Supportive friends are whats up!

Have a great weekend!


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