Sunday, July 19, 2015

Just say "No!" and make better choices

It's important to have your own back, to be your biggest supporter and to believe in yourself. 

Sometimes it's really hard to stick to your goals and to make the healthy changes and choices in your life. It's so (soo!!) easy to say you're going to make changes and then revert back to old ways.

The other day I walked through the grocery store and I went down the bulk food aisle looking for a large tub of cashews (to make granola). The entire time all I could think of was how badly I wanted to eat the black licorice allsorts. Did you know what I did instead of picking up any candy or filling any bags full of junk while normally thinking "I'll just get a little bit this time"? I repeated in my head while walking down the entire aisle "lifestyle change, lifestyle change, lifestyle change, lifestyle change".

The only person who's going to do this is me and if I want to get this done I need to stop giving myself an inch and taking a mile. I need to have that will power to just say no.

No more junk food
No more bad snacks
No more saying I'll portion out and then eat it all in one sitting

Just NO! If the food is not there I will not eat it. Change comes from within and if you're going to talk the talk make sure you walk the walk.

This week I set my goals and I worked hard to stick to them. I didn't do so 100% but it's better than NOT trying at all. 

I took steps to help myself get to where I needed to be. I preplanned, I pretracked and I even made myself a fruit tray so I could easily grab healthier snacks while staring into the fridge.

I have a long way to go but every step, no matter how big or how small, really helps!

Keep up the good fight! 

Believe in yourself!


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