Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekly Goals

Hello fabulous readers,

We're going to be starting our weekly goals back up again. We had been doing them here and there throughout the last little bit but now we want to set it in stone, do it weekly, and keep you all involved!

So here are our weekly goals (starting today):


1. I'm going to do my Fitbit 12,500 step and all green challenge. This is where I reach my step goal every day as well as hitting my active minutes (30), calories burned (2,500), distance (5 miles) goals. I'm going to push this into the weekend as usually I've been going hard M-F and then resting on weekends.
2. No snacking past 9 pm except for fruits and vegetables!
3. Pre-tracking everything I eat. It really doesn't take that much time and I find I am 150% more accountable and prone to make better decisions when I see the "400 calorie" ice cream sundae nutritional information BEFORE I shove it into my face in a timespan of 5 minutes.
4. Breakfast every morning! No excuses!!
5. A more personal type of goal- scheduling my time better! No more excuses of laziness to not work out or study.

1. I will also be doing the Fitbit all green challenge.
2. Not eating any bread all week.
3. Staying within Myfitnesspal calorie intake goal

Do you have any goals for yourself this week?

Thanks for reading,

Steph & Jenn

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