Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekly Goals

Hi Readers!

We are back again this week with some goals. Will you be setting some goals? 

Jenn: I had a great first week back setting goals. My bread cravings were awful, but subsided by Wednesday. It was a very liberating feeling! My week was not perfect but I made some drastic changes and it showed on the scale, I lost 5lbs.

This weeks goals are as follows:

1. Stay within my caloric allowance on myfitnesspal. 
2. Increase my water intake and use my plant nanny strictly. 
3. No pasta.

Steph: My goals this week weren't 100% but I wouldn't say I failed as I'm back here again this week! I started off strong but.. weekends are hard as I always tend to go hard M-F and then come the weekend I relax. I had a few slip ups but I'm here to keep on pushing into this week!

Here are my goals:

1. 12500 daily steps and all green, baby! Yeah!
2. Tracking everything I eat before I eat it.
3. Eating at least 5-6 fruits/veggies every day.

Thanks for reading! 
Steph & Jenn

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