Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekly Goals!

Hey all,

Hope you're all enjoying this fabulous long weekend we're having. Can you say aaahhhhamazing weather!??! Wowza!

Anyways we're back this week with our goal review as well as some new goals for the week. Let's get right to it!:


The past week was mediocre at best. I'd say I'm 50% with Plant Nanny (I know I drink the water but I forget to track it), fruit with breakfast.. ehh when I actually ate breakfast and I ended up going to the gym 4 times this week so I'm still considering it a win as I'm still here back for another week. So put the past behind us and move forward with a new start and a fresh mind!

Goals for the week:

1. All Green and 12,500 steps every day
2. Staying on track while still allowing myself to enjoy my vacation (and anniversary .. 4 years!)
3. Eating breakfast everyday! (I've been struggling with that big time lately)


Last weeks goals were not perfect but I feel happy with how I did. I only had bread once and didnt crave it at all, which is a big difference from my first time removing bread from my diet for the week. I have been having the same forgetfulness with tracking my water on Plant Nanny as Steph, but I am happy with my intake increasing. I have also set my 30 day challenge and started it on August 1st. 

Goals for the week:

1. I have been given a really nice wooden bed set for my sons room, it is gently used and my goal this week is to refinish it and get it moved out of the garage and into his room. 
2. 12,500 steps or more every day. 
3. Track, track, track!!! Everything must be accounted for in my food diary. 

Thanks so much for reading! 

Steph & Jenn

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