Thursday, January 7, 2016

First 2016 check in!

Hey all,

It's been a few days and I wanted to check in and let you know how things are going.


Even though I have a cold right now I am feeling better than ever when it comes to making smart choices and putting thought into what I actually want (and should be snacking on), resisting the urge to snack at night and actively incorporating organic and clean foods into my diet. I've looked into how I want to do this quite a bit, have chatted with a few friends who are living the cleaner/organic lifestyle and I have to say after 7 days in I'm feeling quite comfortable.

At night if I'm hungry and need something I've grabbed fruit every single time. I've sliced up veggies and eaten them with a meal when I would have eaten none before. I'm confident that I can do this! Tomorrow is my "official" weigh in day (even though I tend to jump on every morning) and I know it will be a really good one. I did my measurements again this morning and I'm already seeing results! My jeans that have been tight since the beginning of fall? Feeling a bit looser and less uncomfortable and awkward. I know the first week is always your best but I'm not discounting anything and I'm keeping the positivity meter cranked up to 100%.

Initially when I decided I wanted to eat cleaner foods I was wanting to go 100% clean. I know for me (from past experience) this would not have worked. I might have made it a few days and then been like "AHHH I NEED SALTY BUTTER PRONTO!!". I didn't want to set myself up for that again, I know myself too well. Instead I've decided to still go hard but not 100% on clean/organic eating. By the summer I want to have at least 75% of my produce to be organic and I want to educate myself more on the healthiest and cleanest meats and where to get them.

I am DOING this. I will see the change and will feel the results :)

This has gotten a lot longer than I had intended but I wanted to share a few clean recipes that I have tried and REALLY enjoyed:

Sweet & Sour Pork

Sesame noodles with asparagus and carrots

Anyways I'm going to post back soon and I hope you make tomorrow a FANTASTIC day! It's almost Frriiiidayyy ... fun fun fun fun!!! (I'm looking at you Sam hahaha).

Love and mushy stuff,



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