Sunday, January 17, 2016

Is it worth it? Stop and look at the bigger picture!

I had a really bad habit of letting my thoughts completely control me. I've let a bad 5 minutes or bad hour completely destroy an otherwise decent day for myself. It's so easy to get caught up in negative thoughts. It's not fun letting your thoughts completely consume your being.. especially negative ones.

So many times I've had to ask myself "Is this really worth being upset over?" or "am I over reacting?" and a lot of the time I am over reacting and it's not worth being upset over. Think of the big picture! On Friday at 5:45 I walked into the apple store with my laptop thinking I'd walk out likely with an easy (and free) fix as I thought I had a loose cable connection. This was not the case. Turns out is was a display issue and it would cost $607 just for the part to replace it. Of course I was upset and disappointed but I switched my mindset and said "This is not worth being upset over". Technically my computer is still usable, just annoying. Normally I would have let this destroy me.. like all things money related usually do. I would have cried and pouted and thought "What am I going to do now?!" and "What about school!? I take online courses I'm screwed!!" But instead I thought "I have a loving family, a car, a warm place to call home .. this is not going to ruin my day or weekend!"

The power of thought is a wonderful thing if you use it to your advantage. Since January 1st not only have I decided to do a complete 180 with regards to my eating choices (cleaner, healthier, organic foods) but I've tried to not let things get to me. I've not let dramatic people distract me the way they used to, I don't sweat the small things, I don't get upset with myself when things don't go as planned... I think before reacting and I live and I accept things for how they are and move on.

Having days where your thoughts are consumed by all things negative is not healthy. I've been there.. I never want to be there again. I will continue to do everything in my power to not be the person to allow my thoughts to destroy myself.

Do the best thing for yourself when you're saying "I'm having a really bad day!" and look at the bigger picture.. Is this worth being upset over? Is something small worth destroying an otherwise good day? Is this tiny thing worth consuming my thoughts for the entire day/week? If no, put it to rest and squash it! Don't let yourself spiral out of control.

Anyways, I'm off! Hope your Sunday is treating you incredibly well! I'm off to repot some plants and then do some meal prep!

Stay positive folks! <3


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