Sunday, January 24, 2016

Reporting in!

Hey folks,

I just wanted to check in and give you a progress update!

This past week was not my best but I smartened up towards the end of it. I struggled with night time snacking and making good choices. I guess it's easier to cook healthy when you're feeding others instead of making a meal for 1 (Pete was in California last week). Thankfully I didn't see a huge shift on the scale in the wrong direction.

Today I picked myself up, started tracking my entire day, decided to preplan for the week, put it in my tracker.. and start prepping! I've spent the last three hours in the kitchen and I've feeling determined :). Healthy snacks are readily available, meals are made and I'm looking forward to all the tasty goodness!

This is looking to be a busy week one but I'm going to try to do at least one Zumba class, hit up the gym once and also do an at home workout.

Now I'm gonna go get my scheduling on! :) Have a great week!


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