Sunday, December 31, 2017

So Long 2017!

Hey all,

So it looks like this will be my first and last post of 2017!

What a year this one has been! It's been a hard one to get through but also at the same time seemed to go by SO quickly. There have been a lot of ups and downs this year but I'm planning on just owning everything that has happened and to start fresh in 2018.

A lot of things happened this year... Pete and I celebrated 1 year of marriage, I graduated from school (FINALLY!!!) after 3 years, I made some really great new friends, I turned 30 and felt incredible and Jenn turned 30 too (yesterday!!). It was really fun celebrating all of that. I also got to travel to Quebec with my hubby and truly experience the beauty of Montreal and Quebec City as an adult for the first time (last time I was there was on a school trip when I was 14). It was incredible and I can't wait to go back again! The biggest challenge that I faced this part year was school. The workload in my final class was just incredibly overwhelming and took up almost all of my spare time outside of work. I do have to say that it felt really good to get that final exam done and to ace it! It's been nice not having to read any textbooks or do assignments for the past 4 months.

One thing that I am proud of accomplishing this year is that I have pushed myself harder to really let things and negativity go, to just let it exit my life. Sometimes it feels good to just sit back and say "I have tried, this isn't working and now I feel okay moving on". I realized that sometimes having no expectations in how things will go, or how events will play out or even not having expectations from others allows you to be able to spare yourself disappointment and negativity. This is something that was really eating at me and I needed to fix. I still have work to do here but I'm getting there and thankfully I have found a way to find a bit of peace within myself.

I am also proud to say that a few days ago I joined Weight Watchers. I've done this before with success but really needed to get back on this as I really need to improve my health. I want to be more active again and also get back in the groove of making myself healthier meals and also just being healthier in general. I will definitely be keeping you posted on this progress in the new year!

Lets all make 2018 a positive one!

Happy New Year!



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